Video Overviews

You'll receive brief video (25 minutes) overviews of each book as well as the audio files you can download and listen to on the go. 

Key Insights

Each video overview will also include the most important takeaways and insights gleaned from the book from the perspective of an English teacher with 14 years of experience in the elementary and secondary classroom. 

Application Ideas

You'll also get access to tools and professional development videos to put what you learn into practice in your classroom.



Here is a list of the books that are covered!



Teachers who sign up will also receive bonus materials and trainings on the following topics: 


Workshop Teacher Toolkit

This toolkit is includes planning templates, editable assessment tools, charts, mentor texts, choice boards and more!

Year Long Planning

You'll learn how to create a year's worth of reading and writing curriculum using only Google Drive files. 

A System for Efficient Grading

You'll learn a simple grading system that you can follow again and again and save tons of time while also impacting student achievement. 

Student Engagement

You'll learn strategies and advice for engaging even the most resistant students.

Support for Struggling Students

You'll learn how to support struggling readers and writers through direct instruction and a knowledge based approach.

Equity and Social Justice Book Talks for English Teachers

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