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Project-Based Learning in the Writing Workshop Classroom Course

Easy to Follow Videos, Audio, Workbook, Web Resources & Editable Google Tools Included!

  • Module 1: Fundamentals
    • What is Project Based Learning? 
    • What is Writing Workshop? 
    • How are Project Based Learning & Writing Workshop Similar? 
    • What are the Benefits of Integrating PBL & Writing Workshop? 
    • Group or Individual Projects?


  • Module 2: Getting Started
    • Classroom Setup 
    • Classroom Expectations
    • Technology


  • Module 3: Introducing the Project
    • What is a PBLE Entry Event? 
    • Examples of Entry Events
    • What is a Writing Workshop Hook? 
    • How Entry Events & Hooks Relate


  • Module 4: Driving Questions
    • What is a Driving Question? 
    • How Can I Write My Own Driving Questions? 
    • How Can I Find Driving Questions Already Written?


  • Module 5: The Research Phase 
    • How Do I Help My Students Research Effectively?
    • How Can I Help My Students Collect Information Effectively?


  • Module 6: The Writing Phase
    • How Can I Help My Students Write Effectively?
    • How Can I Help My Students Revise More?
    • How Can I Use Peer Conferences More Effectively?


  • Module 7: Collaboration
    • How Can I Support Students to Collaborate More Effectively? 
    • How Do I Develop & Introduce Social Contracts?


  • Module 8: The Teacher's Role During Work Time 
    • What Does Facilitating Learning Look Like? 
    • How Do I Confer with My Students? 
    • How Can I Assess Students During Class? 


  • Module 9: Audience 
    • How Can I Find Authentic Audiences for My Students? 
    • How Can I Support Students in Creating More Effective Presentations?


  • Module 10: Assessment
    • How Should I Assess Student Process? 
    • How Should I Assess the Published Project?