Designed for 6th-8th Grade

Student Facing Videos 

Super Simple Lesson Plans 

Engaging Student Activities



12 mini lessons

Editable charts

Editable Unit Plan 



Student Facing Videos 

Super Simple Lesson Plans 

Engaging Student Activities

"The tensions and anxieties are so high right now. I just wanted to take a second to say thank you for your time and dedication and for helping us prepare for this most uncertain school year! I could cry. Genuinely, and for real. You've made this so easy for us."

Aimee Moody
ESL Teacher


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Facing Videos



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Writing Unit

"I have so much more free time.
During my planning periods, I keep thinking there is more that I should be doing, but I already have everything planned and ready. Instead of preparing more work for the students or trying to figure out how to fill up the entire period with content, I am spending a lot more time on professional development by reading more about how to utilize reading and writing workshops. I also have more time to look for mentor texts and other extra materials I want to incorporate into my class. "

Jason Lantz
8th Grade English Teacher


Amanda Werner has spent the last 14 years in the classroom honing her engagement methods. She is so passionate about making learning meaningful for students she created a website, to help teachers do the same. She wants to share these ideas with you!  At first Amanda thought teaching would always be hard, draining, demanding, and never-ending. Then, she discovered the power of listening to her students, incorporating their interests, life experiences, and voices into her teaching. She loves connecting with her students through journaling, sketching, and mindfulness. And she can't wait to share her lessons, activities, and videos with you!

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"I'm happier, the kids are happier, the *vibe* is happier... and I'm loving it.
After 13 years of teaching, I'm giving myself over entirely to the workshop model, following along like an Amanda Werner-lite this first year.... with the hope of taking off my training wheels as I become more comfortable with this seismic shift in my teaching. And in just the few weeks my classroom has absolutely transformed. Seriously. I'm happier, the kids are happier, the *vibe* is happier... and I'm loving it. I've been able to actually talk to my students rather than constantly assessing them. They've become real live humans again rather than just numbers I have to move. I'm loving it, and so are they."

Jennifer Bowles
7th Grade English Teacher

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All these materials are digital. This means that once you have access, you can download everything and edit as you see fit. Because of the nature of these resources refunds are not available. 

All of the professional development videos are previously recorded. 

Most of the activities require students to watch videos and utilize Google Slides and Docs. However, there are tips and ideas about how you can use these activities without tech! Also, journaling, sketchnoting and mindfulness practice are activities that require no tech!

You will have lifetime access to all the materials! All you have to do is make copies for your Google Drive and they are yours. The videos live in the library and on the YouTube playlists (unlisted) for as long as this pack exists.  

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